• Omega

The most flexible Zodiac ductable dehumidifier


  • For large interior pools
    The Omega pool dehumidifier is without doubt the best unit for large pools. Because professional-quality pools are used more heavily and their water temperature is higher, evaporation from the pool is considerably higher and requires performance to match.  To fulfil all needs, Omega is available in five air-flow capacities, from 10 to 28 litres of air per hour. 
  • A particularly effective solution
    against condensation on windows
    Installed in the machine room, the ‘vertical’ unit is invisible from the pool, and noise impact is minimal. Only the intake and ventilation grilles are visible. These are positioned along the transparent walls, assuring effective clearing of fog and condensation, which allows better control of humidity. 
  • ‘Modular’ intake of humid air
    and expulsion of dry air
    Normally, OMEGA units’ air outflow is on the bottom of the unit (the opposite of the CAE).
    Options are available for air outflow at the top or the bottom, toward the front or rear.
  • Water heating with water condenser
    The water condenser channels the heat energy given off by the dehumidifier back to the pool. This titanium water condenser is connected to the filtration circuit and can heat the water in all types of pool, no matter which treatment type is used: chlorine, bromine, copper-silver, or salt chlorination.

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