DF Ductable

  • DF Ductable

The ductable dehumidifier for large pools

DF Ductable

  • Dehumidification for small spaces
    This dehumidifier is made for owners of small indoor pools in search of aesthetics and effectiveness.  The DF ductable pool dehumidifier offers maximum swimming comfort through control of the air’s humidity.
  • Effective against condensation on transparent walls
    To effectively treat condensation on transparent walls, choose the Zodiac DF ductable dehumidifier and keep humidity out. The ‘horizontal’ unit is installed in the service compartment and the ventilation grilles are positioned along the glass walls, for more effectiveness. 
  • Exclusive control unit
    Exclusive Zodiac Hygro-Control: ultra-reliable and precise, this control unit lets you program the desired humidity as well as the air temperature.

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