The simple, high-performing ductable dehumidifier



  • The ductable vertical unit for large spaces
    A high air flow rate, suitable for large spaces, allows the Zodiac CAE pool dehumidifier to meet your needs in regard  to cleanliness in large indoor pools, such as in hydrotherapy centres, hotels and holiday parks. It is available in three capacities, from 8 to 13.5 litres per hour. 
  • Optimised installation
    The ‘vertical’ station is installed in the service compartment.
    Only the intake and ventilation grilles are visible in the pool room. The ventilation grilles are positioned along the glass walls for more effectiveness against condensation. 
  • Air and water heating functions
    The Zodiac CAE lets you heat the air in your room with an electric-assist unit or a hot-water coil. It also lets you heat the pool’s water, thanks to a water-cooled condenser. 
  • Control unit
    The ‘Hygro-Control’ unit exclusive to Zodiac, with digital display, lets you regulate the air temperature and humidity level. 

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