Programmable and long lasting



  • Extreme durability
    One of the longest-lasting chlorinators in its category thanks to its high quality titanium electrode (operates for up to 10,000 hours).
  • Suitable for all installations
    The compact cell and watertight IPX5 casing enable the Ei² Expert to be installed anywhere, in confined spaces and even in humid environments.
  • Controlled chlorine production
    4 modes to meet your needs
    Ei² Expert offers 4 operating modes and a programming clock enabling you to perfectly control the production of chloride according to the season or pool use.
    The “Boost” mode enable increasing the chlorine level quickly. The “Low” mode allows reducing the chlorine production to 10% when the pool is covered (“cover mode”) or during active winterizing. The “Summer” and “Winter” modes complete the two previous ones for normal uses during these seasons with dedicated timers.
  • Quick and easy to install
    Thanks to its patented Quick Fix cell, the Ei² Expert chlorinator can be installed anywhere, easily and quickly.
  • No maintenance
    Self-cleaning electrodes via reverse polarity.


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